A Simple Act, A Significant Impact: Your Car Donation Story

Read inspiring stories from our donors and discover the significant impact your car donation can make on the lives of the blind and visually impaired.

By Murray Halvorson
Dec 4, 2023
7 Min Read
A Simple Act, A Significant Impact: Your Car Donation Story

Every car donation we receive at Heritage for the Blind has a unique story. Behind each vehicle lies a generous donor whose simple act of giving has a significant impact on our mission.

From the family who donated their beloved minivan that witnessed countless family trips, to the retired mechanic who gave away his old pickup truck that served him faithfully throughout his career, each donation carries a personal narrative. And each donation fuels our work, allowing us to provide crucial services and resources to the blind and visually impaired.

These stories of impact are a testament to the power of giving. They show us that even a simple act can have a ripple effect, touching lives and sparking change. So if you're considering donating your car, remember: you're not just getting rid of an old vehicle - you're writing a story of impact, a story that could inspire others to follow your generous footsteps.