The Route 66 Revival Rally - Stories Along the Road: Cities and States

Part 4 explores the unique cities and states on Route 66. Participants experience local cultures, interact with communities, and uncover the hidden gems and rich history of the iconic highway.

By Euna Mosciski
Nov 24, 2023
20 Minutes
The Route 66 Revival Rally - Stories Along the Road: Cities and States

The Route 66 Revival Rally was not just a journey through geography but a voyage through history and culture. As the participants ventured further, each city and state along the route unveiled its unique story.

A Tapestry of Towns

From the bustling streets of St. Louis with its iconic Gateway Arch to the quiet, forgotten towns of New Mexico, each place had a tale to tell. The rally became a moving celebration, with each stop offering a glimpse into the heart of America.

Interactions with the Locals

In Oklahoma, the participants were greeted with a festival-like atmosphere, with locals sharing stories of the old Route 66. Here, the Carter family's Mustang found a special connection, resonating with the locals' memories of the road's golden days.

Cultural Celebrations

Crossing into Texas, the rally coincided with a local heritage event in Amarillo, turning it into an impromptu car show. Emily's Tesla and Tom's Bel Air stood side by side, attracting admirers and sparking conversations about the evolution of automotive technology.

Hidden Gems of Route 66

The journey also led to the discovery of hidden gems - small, family-run diners, vintage gas stations turned museums, and roadside attractions that had once thrived in Route 66's heyday. These places, filled with nostalgia, added a rich layer to the rally experience.

Reflections on Change

As the rally moved through Arizona and into California, the changing landscapes prompted reflections on the changes in America itself. The eclectic mix of vehicles, from Jake's custom VW Bus to the classic and modern cars, mirrored the diversity and transformation of the country.

The End Approaches

With the end of the rally approaching, a sense of accomplishment and nostalgia began to settle among the participants. They had journeyed through the heart of America, not just in miles, but in shared experiences and memories.

In the next and final part of our series, we'll reflect on the conclusion of the Route 66 Revival Rally, the impact it had on the participants, and the legacy it left on this iconic American highway.