Drive into the Season of Giving: Every Vehicle Counts!

Embrace the spirit of generosity by donating any vehicle, from a family-friendly Honda to a luxurious BMW, through, and receive rewarding incentives while supporting the noble cause of Heritage for the Blind.

By Murray Halvorson
Nov 19, 2023
15 Minutes
Drive into the Season of Giving: Every Vehicle Counts!

The Road to Generosity

As we cruise into this special time of the year, the lanes are lined not just with autumn leaves but also with opportunities to give back. And what better way to contribute than by donating that car, truck, or van that's been part of your life's journey?

From Sedans to SUVs: Every Vehicle Has a Story

Whether it's a trusty Toyota sedan that's seen better days, a Ford pickup that's hauled more than its fair share, or a Honda minivan that's echoed with laughter of family trips, every vehicle has a story. And now, it’s time for their next chapter - one that's written with generosity and hope. Where Your Vehicles Take on New Life

At, they understand that every make and model has the potential to make a difference. Be it a sleek BMW, a rugged Jeep, or a cozy Volkswagen Beetle, your vehicle is more than just a machine; it’s a potential lifeline for those in need.

Spotlight on Heritage for the Blind

Heritage for the Blind stands out in its mission to support the visually impaired. They not only welcome but celebrate the diversity of donations - from the luxury of a Lexus to the practicality of a Chevrolet.

Incentives as Diverse as Your Vehicles

In return for your generosity, irrespective of whether you donate a classic Mustang or a dependable Nissan, you receive rewards that are sure to please. Picture a $200 restaurant voucher perfect for a foodie adventure, and a 2-night, 3-day hotel stay that promises relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ease for Every Donor, Regardless of Their Ride

Worried about how to get that old Dodge or Mercedes to them? Fret not! Free towing ensures your convenience, and the hassle-free title transfer applies to every vehicle, be it a spacious GMC van or a zippy Mini Cooper.

The Universal Joy of Giving

The joy of donating transcends the make and model of your vehicle. Whether you say goodbye to a beloved Subaru or a once-coveted Cadillac, the warmth of helping others illuminates the road ahead.

Your Turn to Steer the Wheel of Change

As the giving season accelerates, remember that your vehicle, be it a rugged Land Rover or a smooth Audi, holds the power to transform lives. With, your journey of kindness can begin, no matter what you drive.